New Update – PS3 Jailbreak for 4.76 firmware

PS3 Jailbreak 4.76 aka PS3 CFW 4.76 is now available to download

Latest video showing fully updated PS3 Jailbreak system loading a game backup via Multiman Backup Manager and playing online with PSN. Now included 4.76 version spoofer!

  • CFW Passes latest PSN 4.76 Auth. Test. Correct Passphrase used.
  • Working 100% online with console ID spoofing to avoid bans.
  • PSN still 100% working inc Store with latest 4.76 firmware update

Only install this custom firmware on a PS3 running firmware versions 4.76/4.75, 4.70, 4.66/5, 4.60, 4.55, 4.53, 4.50, 4.46, 4.41, 4.40, 4.31, 4.30, 4,25, 4.21, 4.20, 4.11,4.10, 4.00 or 3.72 (3.55 users see below). This PS3 Jailbreak 4.75 is fully PSN safe with full access, supporting console id spoofing and all backups. The Most trusted and updated PS3 hack and PS3 Custom Firmware

How to Jailbreak PS3 on 4.76?

Full install instructions are provided below and in the download.



Having any problems? Try our free troubleshooting guide found here

CFW 4.76 Install Instructions

  1. Format your USB memory stick to FAT32
    (many are this by default but you can always change this in Windows by right-clicking the icon in My Computer and selecting format)
  2. Open your formatted USB stick and create a new folder titled “PS3″(no quotes) without this the Jailbreak PS3 4.76 CFW will not be found.
  3. Inside that folder create another folder called “UPDATE”
  4. Download the CFW (Custom Firmware) files from any of the links above (extra mirrors will be added in the next few days)
    During busy periods you might be asked to enter at least a working email to start the download. You can either try again at a less busy time or use a working email to activate your download. Registered members will not have this restriction.
  5. Double click the downloaded .RAR file to open it and extract the
    PS3UPDAT.PUP (Jailbreak for PS3 on 4.76) file to the folder you created on the USB in the step above

You are now ready to install the Custom Firmware aka Jailbreak 4.76.

Please do this through the recovery menu ONLY as below

  1. Power off the PS3
  2. Hold on/off button on the front of the PS3 and Power on the PS3 at the back switch or wall outlet socket.
  3. Keep on/off pressed while PS3 boots up and until it then turns off
  4. Release on/off and press again and hold until you hear two quick
    beeps then release
  5. You will now have the option to install firmware update using Recovery Menu. You should make sure that your controller is connected via USB and you inserted your USB memory stick.
  6. PS3 will now re-boot on completion of update.
  7. Install PKG files from a USB Memory Stick via the new “Install Packages” menu item under Games in the XMB
    Get Multiman Backup Manager HERE



Multiman 4.18.00 and essential homebrew

Long time scene developer DeanK has seen some ups and downs in terms of popularity within the scene. Drama aside though his Multiman Backup Manager remains the most popular piece of homebrew used on jailbroken PS3’s. The most recent (of many!) releases bring it up to version 4.18.00. The first thing you will notice when you update to this version is the much faster and smoother feel to the GUI! There is still the occasional glitch with the background music but its hardly noticeable any more.

When you look over the features of this popular homebrew its easy to see why its become so popular. Firstly there is the background FTP service which lets you connect to the PS3 via FTP to upload games, patches or mods easily and without the need for a separate FTP application (OpenFTP) on the XMB. The windows and folders based file-manager has a GUI that any windows or mac user will feel comfortable with even without the need for a mouse. So removing the need for a separate file manager being installed on the XMB.

Of course Multiman’s main function is as a game backup manager. This is now working perfectly with all games (some with a little tweaking) and is of course the most popular use for the software.

Add to all that the built in compatibility for most of the popular emulators along with PSX/PS One game backups support and its easy to see why this program resides on 90% of the PS3’s running custom firmware.

For some the only draw back of this manager is that it is no longer open source. A decision taken sometime ago when it was modified to use the Cobra dongle and PS2 backups. If open source is your thing then you will probably want to checkout the latest Iris Manager. While not as fully featured as Multiman it is a quick and perfectly functional backup manager which is all many people need.

A new feature introduced with this version is the downloadable packages found under the Web menus of Multiman’s XXMB. Here you will find the latest homebrew releases easily selectable to download straight to the console and install. No more searching around of that USB memory stick. Just que up the ones you want and Multiman will download and install in the background for you.

So far there’s only a few releases there but the RetroARCH multi-platform emulator and PSChannel are two that should definitely be tried out. RetroARCH especially is fast becoming the one stop emulator for all the popular games consoles, retro computers and arcade games. RetroARCH currently supports the following emulation cores:-

  • bNES – Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo Famicom
  • bSNES – Super Nintendo /Super Famicom
  • Final Burn Alpha – Multi arcade system emulator similar to MAME but also supporting newer arcade titles.
  • Gambatte – Game Boy/Game Boy color
  • Genesis Plus GX – Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear & SG-100
  • Mednafen PSX – Sony Playstation / PSX / PS One
  • Meteor – Game Boy Advance
  • NXEngine – Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari
  • Prboom – Doom

The latest RetroARCH can be downloaded here while Multiman 4.18.00 can be downloaded here. Of course you need a jailbreak for latest ps3 firmware first before which will give you the Install Packages XMB entry.


Multiman has been updated to 04.18.04 and fixes a few bugs in the last release and a couple that have been around for a while.  Heres a quote from the changelog.

04.18.04 (available online)

* When on-screen-keyboard (OSK) is used and user cancels the entry mM will not accept the entered text
* Created proper ring-buffer for mp3 playback which should mean no more glitches/pauses of the music
* Restored support for GLC3.PNG for themes in 8×4 mode
* Increased screenshot JPEG quality to 90% and 1MB buffer size
* Toolbox/IPF from /app_home will be activated when you quit mM with {PS} button on 4.30 Rogero CFWs
* Fixed a bug introduced in mM 04.17.00: mM skipping 1-letter filenames (x.yyy) when copying folders

Update to this version using the update feature of Multiman.

Update:  Both Multiman and RetroArch have been updated.

Download RetroArch v0.9.8.1 here or Download Multiman ver 04.18.04 from here.  You should update your multiman to this release as previous versions had a bug which could cause files to go missing when coping to the internal hard disk of the PS3.  This is possibly the last release of multiman that is closed source.  Future PS3 Jailbreak users will hopefully now benefit from the multi tool going open source.


So what of the PS4 Jailbreak?

So we have been contacted by many people in the last week asking why we are not supporting the PS4 jailbreak that has been released.  Well the reasons for this are two fold.  First this is a mainly PS3 centric site and we feel starting to cover too much PS4 scene stuff will clutter the site and make it disorganized.  the second reason is that the current PS4 jailbreak does not enable homebrew it is nothing more than a way to run backups on a PlayStation 4.  There backups can be transparently run from USB and work fine online (at the moment) so the only real benefit is to the pirates out there.

The latest jailbreak method for the PS4 is based on the original Orbis hack that circulated late last year.  This has now been updated for 1.60 firmware once again returning the ability to play your backups online.  Amongst other problems with this release is how easy it has become to cheat in the online gaming environment which is where all the trouble begins.

For many PS4 owners their consoles are still in their first year of life and as such still covered by the manufacturers guarantee.  This combined with the recent warnings coming from the Sony camp regarding trying to hack their latest console should be enough to discourage all but the bravest of owners from hacking their Playstation 4’s.

For that reason we will not publicly publish the download links for the PS4 Jailbreak and instead these downloads are only available to registered members in the private download area.

But what of the future of our beloved PS3’s now that the successor has been jailbroken in much the same way…  The next generation of video games consoles is here and the Playstation 4 and Xbox One have both been out for a couple of months now. But now that Sony has their shiny new Playstation 4 in stores one question that some gamers are asking themselves is what does this mean for the Playstation 3?

Well the good news is that Sony are by far the best when it comes to supporting their previous console hardware when they have a newer model on the market. It’s fair to say that at the very least we can expect another 12 months at the very least of solid support from Sony with the Playstation 3 before they really do shift all their focus onto the Playstation 4. Sony did this when the Playstation 1 shifted to the Playstation2 and then from the Playstation 2 to the Playstation 3. So if you are a late Playstation3 adopter then you really do not have anything to worry about.

One thing that is great still about the Playstation 3 is the Playstation Plus program. If you have both a Playstation 3 and 4 then you still at the very least are getting a couple of Playstation 3 games included in your subscription to check out each month.

While without a shadow of a doubt the Playstation 4 is the future for at least the next eight years or so. The Playstation 3 still has a few hit games left in it before it bows out. The Playstation 3 still have a phenomenal library of exclusives such as the God Of War series, Uncharted, Last Of Us, Infamous, Ratchet & Clank and many many more great games to keep you happy.

So for those of use who are sticking with out PS3’s for the time being this in not the end but more a time of maturing for the console.  Expect to see a lot more homebrew releases soon from the major groups as well as many more new games.

The PS4 scene has a long way to go before it reaches the level we now see and until a jailbreak method that fully allows homebrew for the PS4 is released the scene is built on piracy and that is not a situation that will be allowed to continue…especially with such a new system.

See the members section for more PS4 jailbreak details.