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First new Jailbreak for 4.31 after lvl0 leak

Update 2:

For the latest jailbreak for OFW 4.60 click here

Anybody out there who is still running the 4.31 CFW will have noticed that Sony have pushed out a new firmware update. This means that the old PS3 4.31 Jailbreak will no longer be able to access PSN/SEN. And Jailbroken consoles are once again asking to be updated. As always in this situation it is advised not to update the console until the new firmware has been fully examined and a new jailbreak or patch found.

PS3 System Firmware 4.40 features include the usual ‘stability and performance’ enhancements. What this exactly entails is anybody’s guess. But one enhancement they are have not included in the press release is the PSN pass has been changed once more. Simple enough to decode and spoof thanks to the known keys so nothing to worry about there. At this time its unclear if the new firmware has any built in detection methods for users who are needing to spoof or fake their console ID’s to get online. So the PS3 Unban method will remain the same with the unbanner needing to obtain a valid PS3 Console ID from an unbanned console. So If this applys to you then you should proceed with caution when going online. Of course if you hadnt been out there cheating on MW3 and Black Ops II you would not have been console banned in the first instance.

The other declared feature of the update is for compatibility with the Sony RC-S380 card reader. This has caused speculation on some news sites that this may be for future PS4 connectivity. Time will tell but it looks like a possible candidate for a PS4 Jailbreak device.

Other updates see increased compatibility with headsets when playing PS2 games, something which will some no doubt.

If at all possible you should update directly with the latest PS3 Jailbreak 4.40 download instead of the official update.

3k3y Launch date announced – but is it real?

Interesting news regarding a new upcoming solution for running USB backups on the PS3.  The 3k3y is an Optical Disk Drive Emulator for the PS3’s Blu Ray.  The theory behind this hardware mod is the 3k3y is connected between the PS3’s motherboard and the Blu Ray drive.  This is identical to the method used for the XBOX 360.  This is something that many people have been working on for sometime and it would appear that this device has succeeded where many have failed in the past.  Their ‘3K3y Revelations’ video that is doing the rounds while being maybe overly dramatic manages to show very few details on the actual device itself leading to a lot of speculation on the various forums.

The usage details they have released are as follows.  First the Playstation must already be on some form of Custom Firmware to allow the user to run a PKG that will extract the Blu Ray drive key.  This is the obvious stumbling block at this time but the team behind the 3k3y are promissing that a hardware solution is being worked on to extract the drive key from un-jailbroken firmware.  Once the key has been properly obtained it must be inputed into the 3k3y so it can fully emulate the drive when loading a backup from the connected USB drive.  The PS3 must then be updated to the latest official firmware (4.25 at this time) where it will then behave like a normal PS3’s but still able to load backups from USB.  This means whatever updates Sony roll out in the future the device should continue to work.  That is of course unless an update manages to change the built in Blu Ray drive key but looking at the XBOX 360 version this is not something Microsoft have yet done to block it.  However it would appear to be detectable on the XBOX as the waves of mass bans in the past confirm.

The launch date given is the 12-12-12 which according to their video is set to tie in with the end of the Mayan Calender and the supposed end of the world – but isn’t this actually supposed to be 12-21-12 ?

So are we witnessing the end of the need for CFW for the PS3?  That will depend on if this is fake or not.  Many people have been tying this hardware mod to the same team who released the popular Xk3y for the XBOX mainly due to the similar name and almost identical logo.

A little digging throws this into doubt though.  By comparing the hosting for the two different sites (  and shows they are on very separate hosting accross the world.  No big deal as many companies do this but if you look at what else is hosted with you find many other dongles and usb loaders such as and and  Now thats obviously not proof that these are all the same company but you would expect to have similar hosting if it was by the same company.

Fake or not? Time will tell of course.  But there is still a few more possible problems with this.  Firstly is the returning to ISO disk images something that will make every PS3 torrent out there un-usable with all the games needing to be re-ripped by the release groups.  No biggie but expect this to fragment an already split scene.  The second more worrying problem is brought about by the need to update the PS3 to the latest firmware.  As any user of CFW on the PS3 knows updating gives no guarantee that the PS3 can then be jailbroken or downgraded again.  It may be that many people will switch to using the 3k3y, update their PS3’s only for Sony to patch the Blu Ray key locking them out of their backups and possibly with no way to go back to CFW.

Unless there is progress with this hardware mod in relation to the newer super slim |PS3’s it doesnt seem to bring anything new to the scene and for the time being its more future proof to remain on the latest CFW and use spoofer methods to access the online features such as PSN/SEN and the store.