PS3 CFW 4.66 (PS3 Jailbreak 4.66)
Frequently Asked Questions


Does it matter what Playstation 3 console I own?
No, the Recovery Menu exists on all revisions of the PS3 (Slim’s & Fat’s) so both can be jailbroken.

Can CFW be uninstalled?
Yes, you can install OFW over top of all Custom Firmware’s using the usual Update from USB method on the PS3 XMB.
Please note however that you can not go to a lower firmware revision. If this is something you are looking to do then you will need to look into the PS3 Downgrade methods currently around.

Can Sony Detect I am using CFW online?
No, not at this time due to the Console ID spoofing methods used.

Can Sony Patch this?
Yes, as always they could change the keys at any time.

Can I run ANY homebrew?
Yes, unlike the old GeoHot Jailbreak you do not need to run signed homebrew only

Can I use any of the Backup Managers?
Yes, we recommend Multiman for best backup compatibility at the moment.

Will this CFW allow me to install Linux?
No, either look at downgrading your firmware to version 3.15 to reinstate Install OtherOS or downgrade to 3.55 CFW such as Rebug

So I cant have Linux and online play with PSN?
No, not at this time unless OtherOS is added in the future which is unlikely as we believe these are two different scenes.

Where can I download PS3 games?
This is Piracy. We do not support piracy in any form. Backup managers are intended to backup disks you own to the PS3 hard disk for safe keeping and ease of access.

What else can I do with a Jailbreak PS3 that I cant with a normal one?
As well as the Emulators now available you can completely customise the look and sound of your PS3 from changing the startup logo & sound to customised XMB’s