There is a fast growing ps3 homebrew scene with already many of the ‘killer apps’ now working on the PS3 Custom Firmware.  Here we collect together some of the most used and usefull homebrew PKG’s.

Backup Manager with near 100% compatability, diskless game lauching for people with broken bluray drives,various display modes including XXMB mode XMB clone,automatic cover downloading,built in FTP server & file manager,game list integration of for any emulators installed.
Media Player and manager,bringing with it MKV support,more compatible media streaming,native RAR & ZIP support
Port of the popular Multi Arcade Machine Emulator is now on the PS3, ROM’s can be stored either on the internalhard disk or on a usb drive.
PS3 FTP Server.  Log into your PS3 from a PC using a client such as fileZilla and transfer across files.
ComGene Filemanager
Simple but very useful file manager
Startup Editor
Package of tools to allow you to completely modify the PS3 start up sound and boot logo.
PS3 Console ID sniffer
Find the consoleID of any PS3.  Needs no jailbreak.  Works on 4.40 firmware an above.  Just use as a proxy server and extract the ID as well as other useful variables such as PSN passphrase.  Essential tool for people needing to un-ban ps3 consoles permanently.

If you would like to submit homebrew please contact us