PS3 Jailbreak (CFW 3.72/3.73) is now available to download

Latest PS3 Custom Firmware 3.72 (CFW) aka PS3 Jailbreak 3.72 is now available to

UPDATE: OFW 3.73 has been released but is non-mandatory CFW 3.72 will install over the top and revert you to 3.72 if you updated.

UPDATE2:  Playstation base OFW is now 4.00 for PSN access

While Sony taking the firmware version number up from 3.72 to now 4.00 you would be forgiven for thinking there would be a leap in obvious functionality.  However most of the changes in the firmware update are under the bonnet and not straight away obvious to the casual user.

The most notable additions with this firmware are in readyness to allow you faithful Sony users to connect your new PS Vita handhelds to the console.  Making the PS3 more of a media hub in some ways.  How usefull this is remains to be seen as the PS Vita is not released out side of Japan until the end of the year…maybe longer given the past experiences of delayed ROW launches.

As for other features these are limited to some small PSN+ changes and tweaks but being a CFW user most would not be interested in these.

No security patches have been mentioned in this list but be sure that this no doubt means a new key set leaving any CFW lower than 4.xx unable to access PSN.

Hopefully it wont take too long. Will update as news comes in.


  1. Johnathon says:

    yes it must be USB:\PS3\UPDATE in CAPS!

  2. Pete says:

    you put the file in wrong folder of your usb then

  3. koby says:

    it comes up with ” no applicable update date was found :/

  4. YouDontNeed2Know says:

    Hey i got the file but Im Abit Confused On The Bit Where You Have To Do It Through The Recovery Menu ?

    Could You Please Explain It Abit More ?


  5. Andrew says:

    i just installed over the old one from the ps3 xmb didnt need to go to recovery mode

  6. Ken says:

    so you can get on PSN with this? so just revert back to OFW first right then this one?

  7. Kevin says:

    No talk or “warez” or “piracy”, check the terms you will be banned next time

  8. iGoogle says:

    yes thanks you many times

  9. no it wont says:

    jeez no you need to go google how to downgrade ps3 console if you want otheros thats old news

  10. francis says:

    does this let me install otheros linux?

  11. Vernie says:

    Just where is the facebook like button ?

  12. Neo says:

    @the person trying to bypass below: It doest work like that is no use trying to use someonee lses key as the key is unique for every install its something to do with a built in key for the console. i dunno its too confusing for me but something like that

  13. slimshady says:

    mirrors down

  14. Iazz99 says:

    another pointless update still no new ps3 features

  15. Masher says:

    downloading now, sony should just give up with their updates as its just hastle now

  16. Drake66 says:

    @falco try the ezdownload mirror that one worked for me fist time

  17. Falcao says:

    I need the password to unzip the file, but the procedures did the downloaded file does not contain the blessed password.

  18. Random says:

    working still?

  19. \Rafael says:

    It was tested? Does it really work?

  20. WASE says:

    Hello from ru is working good for psn at most

  21. TOJB says:

    Does this work?

  22. fosy says:

    Great update thanks again from Brazil

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